Scatter Creek Animal Clinic Services

Our Services

Our mission is to keep your pets as healthy and pain free as possible for as long as possible, through medicine, surgery, complementary therapy and education.
Since 1978


In addition to routine spay and neuter of dogs and cats, we also offer a variety of soft tissue surgeries to address health concerns such as lump removals, wound repair, enucleation, anal sacculectomy and more. Surgical patients have a dedicated staff member to monitor their status during surgery and patients have ECG, blood pressure, Oxygen, Temperature and carbon dioxide measured during their procedures. Pre-surgical blood testing can be done at our in house laboratory as needed.
Since 1978

Complete Oral Health Evaluation and Treatment

We provide full service general dentistry, which includes cleaning with ultrasonic sub-gingival scaler, polishing, full mouth radiographs, and all necessary extractions of diseased teeth. We also offer referral to advanced dentistry specialists for clients desiring root canals as an alternative to extraction. All patients undergoing general dentistry procedures have the same monitoring and care as surgery patients. All dental procedures are done under general anesthesia with endotracheal tubes protecting the airway.
Since 1978

Complementary Therapies

In addition to traditional treatments, we also offer cold laser therapy with a Companion Class IV laser. Laser therapy has been helpful in managing pain associated with osteoarthritis and in facilitating healthy wound healing, especially for open wounds that cannot be closed surgically. We also offer chiropractic evaluations and adjustments with our doctor who is trained in animal chiropractic. We are very excited to be able to provide two types of regenerative joint therapy known as Autologous Protein Solution (ProStride brand) and Platelet Rich Plasma (Restigen brand). These therapies are often utilized after joint surgeries (mainly knee joints in dogs) to improve surgical outcomes and can be used to manage targeted, joint-specific pain and inflammation from ongoing arthritis in dogs.
Since 1978

Reproductive Services

While we prioritized general medicine, and are not considered a reproductive veterinary practice, we do offer several services to help facilitate healthy and ethical breeding practices. We have the ability to test progesterone in house, can check for pregnancy via ultrasound, and later in gestation provide fetus count based on radiographs. We excel in organized and thorough puppy and kitten litter wellness exams with take-home documentation for the new owner. We recommend planning ahead as much as you possibly can when scheduling litter related appointments.
Since 1978


We have online and in-house pharmacy options for all your prescription needs. For picky pets or hard-to-find medications we work with Wedgewood pet pharmacy for unique or compounded formulations. We can also provide prescriptions to the local pharmacy of your choice. To purchase prescription diets in house, please inquire about availability–these diets have often been hard to get and we routinely stock small sizes of the most commonly requested diets. We can order additional diets as needed.
Since 1978

Telemedicine consults

WA state is currently formulating regulations surrounding veterinary telemedicine and we can provide this service via Zoom or Facetime for select appointment types on current patients.
Since 1978

Cardiology Specialty Consults

We are located within the routine call range for Evergreen Veterinary Cardiology and can schedule echocardiograms or cardiology consults with a board certified cardiologist in our clinic for no additional travel charge.